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From being transparently fee-based, to the way in which clients retain control of their investments in our products, our experts help people, and their advisers make the most of the opportunities SIPPs present.
PSG SIPP have been very helpful, efficient and reliable. I will be continuing to use them for all of my upcoming SIPP deals and I have been recommending them to all other advisers in my office.
David Harrisson,
deVere Abu Dhabi

In an industry all but reduced to supermarket style firms offering the same promises of low-cost products in easy to open, stackable packets, we’re an independent provider known for our integrity and creativity. Set up in 2009, PSG SIPP offers you an alternative to the thoughtless anonymity typical of the High street names. Advisers who come to us recognise that there must be a better way, and we’re determined to provide that with our Adviser and Client centric approach.

As a more involved provider, we don’t merely pay lip service to the kind of product and support that people need. Our far from standard SIPPs are administered by hard working, dedicated points of contact who know the importance of delivering the service that’s all too often lacking in the volume-led mega firms.

We provide and administer some of the cleverest and least compromising SIPPs you’ll come across. But, what sets us apart isn’t just that. It’s also our attention to compliance and security over targets.  We keep a keen eye on regulation and at all times, set ourselves the highest standards to adhere to.

This approach means that we provide products and a service which are more transparent, caring and tailored towards you, but without making things complicated or expensive.

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Like all the best firms providing professional services, we wouldn’t attempt to go it alone. The individuals and businesses with whom we strike up partnerships are often the very people who deliver on the promises we make.

Those relationships are integral to us, enabling us to offer professional advisors and their clients precisely what they need.

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