STM buy Harbour Pensions Limited – what this means for the Harbour International SIPP

As you may have heard in the press or on the grape vine, Harbour Pensions Limited is being sold to STM.  I wanted to explain what this means for the Harbour International SIPP.

Our Harbour International SIPP was launched earlier in the year as a joint product with Harbour Pensions Limited because of Harbour’s international pensions presence.  It was always essentially a PSG SIPP Limited (PSGS) product and PSGS a completely independent firm.  All administration has been carried out in the UK, but using the joint Harbour/PSGS brand with the idea of building PSGS’s presence outside the UK through Harbour’s established name while adding the UK SIPP capability to Harbour’s offering.

With the sale of Harbour Pensions Limited to STM announced on Monday this week, I wanted to confirm that our Harbour International SIPP product will continue to be sold by PSGS.  We will build on the success of the product to date, but we will not be continuing with the Harbour relationship.

I also wanted to confirm that no part of PSGS, our clients or our products have been sold to STM.  There are no other changes and there will be no change to our excellent service levels or technical capability, not least because these were all delivered by PSGS anyway.

PSGS is better placed than ever to offer a bright alternative to those looking to place clients with a growing, adept and reputable FCA authorised SIPP Operator in the UK, with clean Assets Under Administration and a strong regulatory record.

We enjoy consistently positive feedback in relation to our products and our highly client and adviser focused customer service.  PSGS delivers on a promise to provide industry leading turnaround times and places a strong emphasis on integrity so that business partners and clients alike can trust the whole team, from the Directors through specialist Executives to the Admin team members.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Duncan Parsons on +44 7824 635 035


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