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Keyring SIPP

A SIPP for UK individuals that offers the freedom to combine an uncommonly wide range of investments to unlock your fund’s full potential.

Product Features

  • Expert, portfolio-based administration
  • Invest in commercial property
  • No hidden charges and no percentage-based fees
  • Access our most senior team members
  • Fast turnaround times

Any Self-Invested Pension Scheme (SIPP) should offer clear and measurable advantages for individuals, who (again: should) benefit from greater control and flexibility over how their fund is used. Yet some providers attach unnecessary limitations and caveats, which rein in the real benefits and render their SIPP little more than a re-badged Personal Pension of old.

When done properly though, SIPPs can still offer things that set them apart from the beige products that preceded them. So naturally, we do our SIPPs properly.

Of course, rules exist restricting asset type and limiting the range of permissible investments etc., but our SIPPs are still given room to celebrate the distinctions between them and a more, well, off the shelf SIPP.

Members of the PSG Keyring are able to invest in assets such as stocks and shares, Property, Unit Trusts and Bonds to name but a few.

Clients can also take comfort in the knowledge that we take compliance and security as seriously as we do the provision of genuinely first-class customer service. Find out for yourself why so many Advisers and Clients put their trust in us to deliver a refreshingly different approach to pensions.

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I could lose pension savings through scheme fees

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