This office must have shrunk in the wash!

It only seems like five minutes ago that we were announcing our move to the highly desirable environs of Box House.  Well, like a fifty quid pair of kid’s shoes, we’ve outgrown The Gardeners Store before we’d put a scratch on it!

Life in our parkland setting had been a bit snug for a while, and that’s before you think about the logistical ‘challenges’ of a one toilet scenario.  But, so spoilt are we with the grounds at Box House that we couldn’t contemplate moving offsite.

How amazing then that through a chance conversation with a neighbour from an office we’ve been gazing upon, green eyed, since we moved in, the seed was sown for a mutually beneficial office swap.

Fast forward five minutes (we had to act fast or lose the opportunity for that extra loo) and we are once again wrapping our worldly belongings in PSG green hankies and trekking all of two hundred yards to The (very splendid) Coach House.

Formal notification of our new address is going out now, but if you’re interested and haven’t yet received notification, we are at The Coach House, Box House, Bath Road, Box, Corsham, SN13 8AA.  See, said we hadn’t gone far.  All other details remain unchanged.

We’ve got bags of room now, well, for a bit anyway.  So pop in and say hi.  There’s always a pot of tea on the go and we do almost as good a line in biscuits as we do in pensions!


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