Investment Policy and Guide FAQ

Further to our communication regarding our Investments Policy & Guide issued on 9th November, we’ve set out some common Q&A’s here to help with the queries we have received

We’ve also made some amendments to the Investments Policy & Guide to deal with some of those queries. Please find the Investments Policy & Guide Here.

Immediately – however the adviser charging caps will be implemented for all new SIPP applications placed from 1st January 2022
Existing arrangements with your clients will not be effected however any changes to the investments will need to be inline with this policy.
This will be processed in accordance with our policy as of the date we receive the application.
Anytime the client is investing in an investment deemed a complex investment
Yes the new money and investment would be placed in line with this Investments Policy & Guide.
No you would need to confirm these are on our approved list before placing the trade
The proposed term of the structured product cannot continue beyond the member’s 75th birthday.
No investment instructions can be placed until Due Diligence checks have been completed by PSG SIPP and we approve the request.


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