Investing in Commercial property through a pension fund and what to consider

TPSG and PSG SIPPs chief bright spark/CEO, Duncan Parsons, is the star of our new Commercial Property video (below) which explores the opportunities for businesses and investors of putting Commercial property in a SSAS or SIPP and what to consider. In addition, Property legal expert, Amanda Read from Coffin Mew, provides a valuable overview of the legal work that is often involved and how both businesses are primed and ready to help you or your client to take advantage of the myriad benefits that investing in this asset class can bring.

If you have 5 minutes, why not grab yourself a brew and and have a watch. And if anything in the video piques your interest, Duncan or one of our property experts would be very happy to discuss this with you. Simply Reach out to us or Request a Call Back. We’d be very happy to arrange a time to chat through your objectives.


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