Heritage – Where it all began

In 2007 a new Independent Trustee Company was established by Colin Worbey and Richard Petts and Heritage Pensions was launched. Only three months later, on the 21st January 2008, the FCA (then known as the FSA) granted permissions for the establishment, operating and winding up of Personal Pension Schemes (including SIPPS).

From the outset the company philosophy was that, as an independent provider, it would be best placed to ‘serve the needs of Financial Advisers and Clients’. This was achieved by giving clients the freedom, flexibility and control over their investment choices by not having any ties to any fund managers or insurance company.

From such modest beginnings Heritage flourished and managed in excess of 6,000 self-invested pensions with asset values approaching £1 billion.

After 14 successful years Heritage Pensions was acquired by PSG SIPP Ltd on the 18th November 2021. The acquisition of the Heritage, Brooklands, Saltus and International ExPat SIPP included 12 members of staff, 3 of which being Senior Managers that have a long track record with Heritage, thus allowing for the retention of industry knowledge.

The remaining 9 members of staff work as part of the the Admin Servicing Team. They are a distinct group of people that bring many years of industry knowledge to the table and by adopting a ‘one team approach’ to all aspects of the business have managed to produce a collaborative working environment that promotes a thorough understanding of all aspects of Pension Administration.

All members of the Admin Servicing Team manage several Administrative processes at any given time, but each of them have a particular specialism that they oversee on a daily basis. Having said that, as important as work is, they all have different interests outside of the office which adds to the diversity of the group.


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