Heritage acquisition: FAQ

We understand that you and your adviser will have some questions about the acquisition of all Heritage SIPPs by PSG SIPP Limited and what this means for your SIPP. To help with this, we’ve put together a short FAQ below to help answer some of those immediate questions you may have.

If you have any further questions please feel free email us at Heritage@psgsipp.co.uk.

It means that you have a new SIPP Operator looking after your SIPP, but beyond that, nothing has changed and no action is required.
In short, nothing will change. PSG SIPP is retaining all members of the Heritage administration team, who will continue to work from the same offices, using the same systems and processes. If you have any questions about your scheme please continue to contact the administration team at the Ampthill office.
PSG SIPP is a long-standing operator of SIPPs. Our experts help people and their advisers make the most of the opportunities SIPPs present. PSG SIPP is a UK registered company and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to operate a SIPP. Our FCA reference number is 514654.
PSG SIPP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Basi & Basi Financial Planning Limited (BBFP). Both are part of the Brite Group, which is an international group of pension companies and wealth management companies. However, PSG SIPP’s Board operates independently of the Group without influence of any other members of the Group or its parent company, as required by its own internal governance structures and the FCA.
The owners of Heritage and PSG SIPP reached an agreement for PSG SIPP to acquire the Heritage SIPP business but PSG SIPP has not purchased Heritage Pensions Ltd. This agreement is exciting news for clients previously looked after by Heritage and those who’ve always been looked after by PSG SIPP Ltd, as PSG SIPP’s growth will enable us to make further investments in our products and the delivery of our services.
We appreciate that clients of Heritage valued the way Heritage looked after them, the expertise of their staff and the service they provided. PSG SIPP and Heritage identified shared values, and this is reflected in their teams which have now become one new, larger team. PSG SIPP is proud of its technical knowledge, its proactive approach and its friendly and experienced team and we are delighted to welcome our new colleagues.
Yes. PSG SIPP is financially secure. PSG SIPP has a robust and sustainable business model and also benefits from being part of a larger group of companies.
We will be in touch shortly to arrange / issue you with PSG SIPP Terms of Business. If you have any queries regarding this please contact Abi our Business Development Manager – abigail@psgsipp.co.uk
No action is required, these will remain in place unchanged.
If you’re concerned about your non-standard investment, your question still has to go to Heritage. Please email info@heritagepensions.co.uk.
Your complaint should be directed to Heritage. Please email info@heritagepensions.co.uk.
Please continue to use the same contact details you have always used. The office address and phone numbers for the former Heritage office (now a PSG SIPP office) have not changed. Heritage tel: 01525 408120, email info@heritagepensions.co.uk. Please note contact details may change in the future but we would notify everyone in advance of any such change.
We’re retaining the former Heritage staff who continue to administer the Heritage suite of products. If you’re having difficulty getting through, it may be due to high volumes of enquiries due to the recent correspondence Heritage and PSG SIPP have been sending out. Please feel free to pass on your details and your query, via Heritage@psgsipp.co.uk, and we’ll have a look and get back to you as soon as we are able.
We apologise for you having been contacted unnecessarily. We were working on the data passed to us by Heritage and will contact them to ensure you are removed. Please email Heritage@psgsipp.co.uk and provide us with your name, address and if you know it, your old SIPP reference.
There is no impact on fees. The fee structures associated with Heritage SIPP products remain unchanged. Any further queries, please go directly to Heritage. Heritage tel: 01525 408120, email info@heritagepensions.co.uk.
Like PSG SIPP, Heritage SIPPs permit only standard investments as defined by the FCA and so you will continue to be able to select from a wide range of investments. Any queries regarding your pension and benefits should continue to go to Heritage. Heritage tel: 01525 408120, email info@heritagepensions.co.uk. The rules of your SIPP will not change and so you will have access to the same pension benefits as before.
If you would like to transfer your SIPP to another provider rather than remain with PSG SIPP, you will need to consider the SIPP fees that may be applicable to the transfer as well as those your new provider may charge. Please contact Heritage and they will be able to confirm the fees. Heritage tel: 01525 408120, email: info@heritagepensions.co.uk.
Yes you can transfer to a PSG SIPP product. Please email Heritage@psgsipp.co.uk with your request and to arrange for one of our team to call you to discuss. Please note you should always seek advice from your appointed financial adviser before making any investment decisions.


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