Frequently Asked Questions


You can find our latest copies in the Advisors area of our website. To access go to the Advisers Area and select and download the required documents. If you have not yet registered with us, you will need to do this first by Contacting us.
This area is for Advisors registered with PSG SIPP only. If you're an advisor, you should have been provided with a username and login when you first registered with us. These details were updated and reissued in December 2018 when our new website went live. If you are having difficulties with login in using these details please email


Your client will need to complete a Benefit Request Form which can be accessed from our Advisors area. Please ensure this is fully completed and signed before you return it to us.
There are many factors which mean that answering this is not straightforward. Please see our Benefits Guide available in the Advisors area which explains the process.

Transfers and Investments

We try to request transfers very soon after receiving the paperwork but from this point on we are at the mercy of the transferring scheme and so this can vary immensely depending on their requirements. When clients live abroad we find that schemes will often have additional requirements and this will often involve the client needing to engage with the transferring scheme in some way. Read this article to find out more.
Yes, a SIPP can receive in a transfer from a QROPS, in cash or in specie. As a QROPS transfer is not an internal UK transfer, we will charge additional fees on top of our set up and annual fee. You can find out more by referring to our Services & Fees available in the Advisors area. To start the process of a QROPS transfer contact
A SIPP is a self directed personal pension meaning so long as the investment you wish to select meets the criteria of a standard asset, PSG SIPP will not dictate the level of your pension you decide to invest in the investment. We are not investment advisers and therefore not suitably qualified to direct you or restrict the level of an investment you and your adviser believe is appropriate in order to meet your retirement goals.
Please contact the investment company directly to request the relevant paperwork and documents to be used. We do not hold blank copies of these forms on file, and the investment company will have all of the up-to-date paperwork for you to use.
Please check with the investment company directly, as they will be able to provide this information.
Yes, as long as the matching audit trail/certificate is also sent across to us. We need this to show that the client and their adviser has signed the forms through their registered email address.
Please check Tracker – if the app has been processed, this should be updated to say the investment app has been sent. If you can’t find info on Tracker, check the worklog for any work items relating to the investment app. If there is an ‘investment purchase application’ work item logged, then the app is still being processed. There may also be a chaser logged relating to the app, if we are waiting for something back from the IFA in order to process.

Service and Accessibility

If you've access to the Advisers area of our website you can find the SIPP's Services and Fees there. If you do not have access you can request a copy by emailing
If you've access to the Advisers area of our website you can find our Service Standards there. If you do not have access you can request a copy by emailing
Unfortunately this is not possible at this time, however it’s in our digital development roadmap to allow clients to see details of their SIPP online and via an app in the near future. To find out your latest SIPP fund value, please email