10 things I enjoy about working at PSG SIPP

It’s crazy to think it’s been 8 months already since I joined PSG SIPP as its new Business Development Manager. I recently took 10 minutes out of my busy schedule driving forward new business and dealing with adviser queries to reflect on what I’ve quickly grown to enjoy about our company’s refreshing approach to SIPP administration.

01 Friendly & approachable
Joining the team freshly back from maternity leave, especially during the pandemic was daunting. But it has been great to join such an amazing group of people. The welcome from the PSGS team was great and everyone made the time to help and introduce me to their work. Though I haven’t had the chance to meet the team in person yet, it’s been surprising and rewarding to see how quickly you can build relationships remotely. As a relationship manager, who is used to getting out and meeting people face to face, the change has been refreshing, and whilst I’m looking forward to getting back out there when we are able to, I can’t wait to develop more relationships, within and outside PSGS.

02 Customer focus
Considering my working life so far has been spent primarily within Tier 1 banks, there was certainly a culture shock joining the PSGS team. One thing that resonated with me immediately was the focus on the customer at PSGS. Whilst my previous roles have all had the customer at its heart, PSGS really instil the customer as part of the culture, and this comes across in the service they provide day in day out.

03 Speed
Speed isn’t everything, but PSGS are committed to making sure the service, including the SLAs that we work to are as tight as possible. When we’re dealing with people’s money and future, I think it helps to make sure that we are pushing ourselves to make it count for the customer, without letting the quality drop.

04 Technical knowledge
The breadth and depth of the knowledge at PSGS is extensive. Whether that is customer service, legal, compliance, advisory, administration, or insurance. It really helps to know that when a complex case comes in, we have the expertise to deal with it, and as a relationship manager, it’s great to deliver those outcomes to our customers and adviser network.

05 Growth of the team
As a fast-growing business, PSGS have continually had to invest in its people. Since joining, our company has recruited 11 more people, and they are continuing to grow to meet our customers demands. As I have seen first-hand, PSGS really dedicate time and effort into onboarding and helping staff to develop themselves.

06 Business growth
The growth of the PSGS team is down to our continued new business and support we have received over the last few years. As the Business Development Manager, it comes with the territory, but growing PSGS is a key focus of mine as I work with the rest of the team to continue delivering great outcomes for our customer and adviser network.

07 Relationships
Whilst I haven’t managed to get out and meet our introducers in the adviser network in person yet, I’ve been fortunate to meet a huge number of people over the last 6 months, from all over the world. It’s been great hearing from so many different people about the challenges they face and it’s really rewarding for me when I’m able to help deliver what they need. I’m really keen to grow this network over the next year, and who knows, I may able to get out there and meet some of them in person sometime in 2021.

08 Develop products
It’s great to receive feedback on our products and I’m always keen to ensure that we look for continuous improvement of our products and services. We have so many solutions that can help customers reach their pension goals and we’ll always be working hard in the background to ensure these continue to deliver for our growing customer needs.

09 Process
As we know, change is constant, and the last year has shown us how quickly this can happen. A lot of these changes are here to stay, and we know that the pace is going to continue to increase over the next few years. I want PSGS to rise to this challenge by understanding how the world is changing for our customers and introducers. Our processes are evolving and adapting in line with these demands, and we will ensure we communicate and keep the adviser network and clients informed during the journey.

10 Communications
Like so many other businesses, PSGS relies on our communications with our customers and introducers. We need to ensure that when we communicate, we are fresh, clear and concise. It’s always my goal to make sure that we can deal with queries as efficiently as possible, and I know how much of a difference it can make to advisers dealing with customers if they can be sure that all of the information required is collected in one go, and customers are reassured that everything is in hand.


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